Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Have Not Forgotten

Statues of Liberty


Beth said...

This is a painting I did several years ago. I took the composition from a photo on the cover of The New Republic published a few days after the WTC was attacked. When I tried to find the name of the original photographer, I was unable to locate it. Any information as to who took the original photo would be greatly appreciated..

John said...

Hi, Beth,

I wanted to comment earlier, but like so many working Americans taking advantage of the freedom we still share, time is a precious commodity, and now I have a few minutes to share with you. I wish to commend you on a job well done in producing your painting, and of course, I love the theme and the title of your painting: "Statues of Liberty."

Though in the face of such horror on September 11, 2001, it is encouraging to see an individual, such as yourself, take on the challange to deal directly with your inner thoughts and emotions of that tragic day, and then exercise the courage - and the freedom you have - to express and shape those images and experiences into a thing that now exists in reality. In this case, paint on a canvas, creating a wonderful painting expressing your love of freedom, of liberty, in which all of us can now look at and also share your intent - and be inspired by it.

I'm sorry that I personally have no information regarding the original photo that inspired you. Perhaps the archieves at The New Republic can help. But even if you may never find out who the original photographer was - who's photo inspired you - you have created a painting that is inspiring to us. Thank you Beth.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Beth,

Just checked out your blog and had to scroll down to this painting (meant to post a comment earlier - enjoyed your latest posting, though). Your painting is a reminder of the inspiration the Statue of Liberty instills, with her promise of a better life to all who migrate to these shores (legally, that is). It is also a touching tribute to the people who designed and built the Twin Towers, to those from many countries who pursued the dream of capitalism, and to those who became victims there 7 years ago.

The painting to me is true art, according to Ayn Rand's definition: "Art is the selective recreation of reality in accordance with the artist's metaphysical value judgments." I can truly see in this painting your soaring spirit!


Beth said...

John and Colleen,

Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s nice to know I am not just talking to myself.

I love this painting too. For one thing, it taught me that I can actually "do art."
More importantly, it was a therapeutic way to create a memorial for peace and prosperity, and their root cause: liberty, along with the “unspoken” thought that their preservation is not guaranteed. I love how it captures it all: in the purple peace of the setting sun, the prosperity of the New York City skyline, and front and center, Miss Liberty herself. That’s why I would love to find the original photographer, to give credit for this composition which speaks to me so strongly. But I couldn’t find it 5 years ago, so it will only get tougher. I even tried email the magazine, but got no response.

Thanks again for your thoughts.