Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eating our Seed Corn

Both presidential candidates are attacking the foundations of our prosperity.

Profit-seeking is not greed, but simply the means of directing resources to their most efficient uses in areas of greatest demand (and does so through voluntary exchange!!)

The wealth which is created through successful business ventures is not community property to be seized and "redistributed," but the reward properly earned through the efficient production of the goods and services most highly desired by others. (This too is accomplished without coercion.)

The wealth created beyond that which is used for personal consumption is the wealth which is invested in growth and progress. This excess wealth is required for taking risks on the new and untried. Only from this surplus are we able to improve the length and quality of our lives and environment.

To take from the rich is to impoverish ourselves.

To tax Big Oil, or any other Big Business, is to hinder their ability to invest in our future.

To take wealth by force, even when that force is laundered through the ballot box, is to attack a fundamental requirement of civil society: the right to property honestly earned.

Taxing the rich is like eating our farmers' seed corn.

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Fiatch said...

Well said. Per usual. :)

Thanks a ton for this site and your work. I am glad I found it and continue to recommend it to friends.

Beth said...


Thanks for leaving a comment and the link to your blog. I am honored to be sited on your site!! Will check it out more in the near future.