Saturday, January 31, 2009

Round-up of "Stimulus" Analysis

A 40-year Wish List Wall Street Journal editorial 1-28-09

"The European Social Welfare State Bill" by Jim Manzi at National Review 1-27-09

"Japan Seeks New Ways to Boost Economy" by John Murphy WSJ 1-14-09 (How similar measures failed to "stimulate" the Japanese economy.)

"What are they buying" by Thomas Sowell 1-29-09

"Can Fiscal Stimulus Revive the US Economy?" by Frank Shostak on Ludwig von Mises Institute, 1-22-09

"How Not to Stimulate the Economy" by Bruce Bartlett Public Interest 1993 (A look at the results of past government stimulus attempts.) and more recently at Forbes, "Does Stimulus Stimulate?"-I disagree with Bartlett's conclusions, but he provides some interesting information and a nice synopsis of the evolution of 20th century U.Ss. monetary and fiscal policy theory.


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