Wednesday, November 11, 2009

HR 3962: Expanding Immoral Medicine

No citizen would consider it moral to put a gun to his neighbor’s head and demand that he pay for his mother’s medical care -- no matter how much she may need it. It is no more moral when people use the government as intermediary. For the physician, it is impossible to practice moral medicine in a government system, because ultimately at some level a physician will have to choose between doing the best for his patient or acquiescing to the requirements of the state...[T]he moral tightrope has already started here with Medicare. Federal practice guidelines have slowly become mandates. If you do not do what the government has deemed the optimum pathway for care, the hospital will not get paid... [Doctors] are in the position of doing what is best for their patient, or what is prescribed by the state wielding a financial mallet.

from "Immoral Medicine" by Dr. Lee Hieb. Read the whole article for a sampling of specific examples in support of the above claims..


Rational Education said...

Thanks for the posting Beth. I had not come across Dr Hieb's writings before and browsed some of her previos writings on the site as well -excellent articles.


Beth said...

I didn't even think of checking out Dr. Hieb's other articles. Thank for the idea!

marry said...

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