Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Case in Point

I don't want an equal share of loot. I want freedom.




Anonymous said...

While I agree in wanting freedom versus 'everyone getting screwed,' I think the point of the email was missed by Gus Van Horn.

IMHO, the entire point of the email about the 28th Amendment is thus... The Congressmen would NEVER agree to have any of this apply to them, so they would NEVER vote for it in the first place.

Proud Army wife - stationed in Germany

HaynesBE said...


Thank you for your comment.

I too think that the point of the email is exactly as you state. My guess is that GVH would agree as well. what I liked about Gus's comment is that he points out the more fundamental issue: properly limiting the power of the government. If the government was limited to police, courts and the military--the 28th amendment as proposed in the email would not be necessary. It would be a safe guard to some but not all of the misuses of government power.

A very special thanks to you and your husband for supporting the US in your military service.

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