Thursday, September 23, 2010

Politics are getting really interesting!

Donny York of the ShaNaNA has come out in favor of capitalism ad limited government.
The video clip and the music are not what you would call first class, but it's worth watching just to support York's efforts to correct his past mistakes.

Here's what he has to say in a commentary piece today on PJ Media:

With apologies to vast numbers of my un-reconstructed fellow sojourners of Woodstock Nation, I’m out of the closet and into the fired up. “Ready to go” indeed. Hasn’t it ever dawned on you that our “peace” and Yasgur’s Farm demonstration of the viability of socialism were dependent on a life-support umbilical cord from the Nixon era capitalist grown-ups?

Didn’t you ever come to notice how the robust creation of wealth must be assured before any conversation about its redistribution can even be useful?

To those of my Woodstock cohort who are now aghast at the “tea party” (which more assuredly has “changed the world” than it’s said our misadventure at Yasgur’s farm did) I return that stunned glare, then the sputter: “But… I thought you were smart. I thought you were a nice person!” Being a nice person aligns with being in the fight for the nicest societal arrangement, among all of human history’s rarest gems: limited government.

Like, dig it, man. Some of today’s teapartyers are grown up flower children. Imagine there’s no statism. It’s easy if you try. They may say you’re a dreamer. But you’re not the only one.
Nice to know that even famous committed socialists can rethink their premises.

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