Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Change you can believe in

World Bank chief surprises with gold standard idea

He isn't talking about gold and silver coins, but that would be the best change for our change!

Significant inflation and deflation are caused by political manipulations of the money supply, which also lead to the booms-and-busts of the business cycle. Return to the gold standard would be a return to 'honest money" and would end the government's ability to erode our savings through its hidden "tax."

Bringing it up as something to seriously consider is the first step.

Making it happen will require a clear and thorough debunking of Keynesian economics and the belief in central planning.

It's an up hill battle, but one we can not ignore.


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garret seinen said...

Shows that the seriousness of the currency crisis is no longer evadable.
Beth, this is a rather long read, but I found that he makes an interesting case as to how Hyperinflation happens. There is a couple more parts and he's having a webinar on the 18th that might be interesting.