Thursday, February 3, 2011

Source of Efficient Energy--the Market or the State?

Excellent analysis over at One Reality on what is the most efficient way to meet our energy needs: government experts choosing and coercively imposing their conclusions on the rest of us, or the free discovery process of market of profit and loss?

President Obama and the State University of Baloney

It is instructive to juxtapose two recent news events to consider which is more likely to cause harm...

[I]f the cold fusion claims from the University of Bologna turn out to be false or mistaken, nobody who hasn't invested will pay a penny for it--unless, of course, the research is prolonged by grants from the Italian government. When the president's formula for energy progress--massive state intervention--fails, it will inevitably (and absurdly) be blamed on freedom and "greed," providing the pretext for still more government power grabs.

Which of these is the greater evil?


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