Thursday, March 3, 2011

1,968 New Regulatory Powers for HHS Secretary

The Center for Health Transformation has created a wall chart of the 1,968 new regulatory powers which the PPACA bestows upon the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Rule by regulation is rule by men. The more discretion given to regulatory agents, the further we move away from Rule by Law. This is one of the fatal flaws of central planning. Laws are too rigid and too slow to accomplish the tasks required for efficient use of resources--so attempts are made to provide flexibility by delegating decision-making power to regulatory agencies. But this very flexibility means arbitrary power in the hands of government bureaucrats--the exact opposite of Rule by Law. (Witness the more than 900 waivers already granted by Sec. Sebelius allowing a privileged few to escape some of the destructive consequences of the PPACA)

These facts alone are reason enough to repeal the law.


Jenn Casey said...

Wow! Only 16 more regulations and there would have been 1984.

HaynesBE said...

So observant.