Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Quick Quote

"I had a friend once and he was asked to chair a commission, an international committee, and the title of it was What Causes Poverty. He declined. He said I will do it but on one condition. The condition is that we change the title and I'll chair a committee on What Causes Prosperity. The reason he said that was, the title What Causes Poverty leaves the impression that the natural state of the world is for people to be prosperous and that for whatever reason there are prosperous people running around making people poor...He looked at the world the other way. He said the natural state of people is to be relatively poor and that there are certain ways and things that can be done that can cause prosperity." --Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Nov. 11, 2002


Tom Papworth said...

It scares me when Donald Rumsfeld makes sense!

Beth said...


It is scary, but it is also important to accept wisdom wherever we find it!
Thanks for your comment, and for the opportunity to learn about your blog. I am enjoying many of the posts.