Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life Threatening

Just a quick article reference.
It's hard to know which is the most immediate threat to our prosperity and well-being, the climate change alarmism or the move to increase government control of health care, but it looks like we may have until September before the Senate addresses the cap-and-trade energy "security" bill whereas President Obama is gearing up to push a health care measure through ASAP.

Michael Tanner has an op-ed in the New York Post on Perils of Obamacare: Three Big Lies.

The lies are:

"If you like your current health-care plan, you can keep it."
"You will pay less."
"Quality will improve."

I can't emphasize enough how much these claims are lies, and lies that it should be easy to expose given the decades of failure experienced in all shades of government-supplied medicine. Tanner has does much work in this area. Read the article for a brief synopsis.

If Mr. Obama's plan goes into effect, we will loose control of one of the most important services in the economy--the service which protects and cares for our health. It truly is life threatening.


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cfc said...

"which is the most immediate threat to our prosperity and well-being"?

I'd go with climate change as the most immediate threat to prosperity and health care "reform" as the most immediate threat to well-being.

- cfc