Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Science vs. Politics, Part 3

Since the automatic feeds don't show comments, I wanted to bring two recent ones to more promience by posting them on my "front page." Doug links to an article by economist Dr. George Reisman which argues that the free market is the best mechanism for dealing with environmental concerns. Burgess puts in syllogistic form the alarmist's argument, starkly showing the missing link.

Doug Reich said...


Per your request, here is Dr. Reisman's post in which he addresses this issue

Brilliant as usual.

Burgess Laughlin said...

> "This fact in and of itself should make their 'scientific' conclusions suspect."

Indeed, and the problem is not only pseudo-science, but pseudo-philosophy.

Beth, thank you. Your brief post presents a radical challenge. If pro-reason advocates pick it up and use it, the environmentalists must answer--or reveal themselves as evaders.

The challenge is to show how to complete this syllogism:

1. The climate is changing.
3. Therefore an increase in statism is needed.

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