Saturday, December 19, 2009

Public Option and Individual Mandate BOTH Destroy Real Choice

Thanks to 3 Ring Binder for posting this. It's short, to the point and spot on.

Hopefully, the public option is dead. This is not really much cause for celebration, however, as long as the individual mandate is alive and well.

A mandate would make it illegal to not have health insurance coverage--which is just a sneakier way of accomplishing the same damn thing as a public option. If you have to purchase health insurance BY LAW, then the law will have to define just what constitutes "health insurance". What better way to surreptitiously open the door to full and total control of medical care?

The ability to decide what must or will not be paid for by a legally mandated insurance program is the ability to decide what medical care will be purchased.

In addition, if either a requirement for community rating, or outlawing the ability to exclude pre-existing conditions end up as part of the reform, it will be the death knell of financially viable private insurance.

And then we will be back to the public "option"---and a choice of one, is no choice at all.


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