Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Shameless Political Appeal

Hi folks.
I haven't been writing much these days. Too busy putting my face and voice to work for the issues I believe in. Time to move out from behind my keyboard and be a lot more public.

At the beginning of this month, I flew to Washington DC to work with
Docs4PatientCare at the scientific convention of the American College of Surgeons. That was relatively easy as it primarily involved standing at a booth and talking to people who approached us with questions.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been making phone calls on behalf of John Dennis who is running for Congress against Nancy Pelosi. That's a lot harder because I have to insert myself into other people's lives whether they want me or not. But--I just keep telling myself it's important to act on my values in order to have a chance at effecting a change.

If we can just get the word out about John, I think he would have a real chance of winning. Pelosi is at an all time low in the polls, and John is a unique Republican who is both a fiscal conservative, and a strong supporter of several traditionally liberal social issues. That's because John is a principed believer in individual rights.

In talking with John this weekend, his main difficulty is getting the word out about himself. He is just now starting to get some national attention. with more help, he could pull off a "Scott Brown" and unseat Pelosi.

So....If there's anyway for you to contribute---money, phone calls----please do. Now is the time to send Washington a big message: stop spending our money and stop controlling our lives.

Here's a few video clips to get you inspired to act:

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