Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"But it's not fair!"

Penn and Teller have constructed a short piece which includes clips of President Obama explaining his philosophy on taxes. The segments come from the Democratic primary debates, but his recent FY2010 budget proposal proves that he hasn't changed his mind. This clip shows that Mr. Obama knows that higher taxes will decrease tax revenue because they decrease profits. He knows that raising income and capital gains taxes will actually retard economic growth and recovery---but he's going to do it anyway.


Because it's not fair that the "rich" have more money (and he wants to spend it.)

Reminds me of when I have to tell my children we can't afford something and their retort is "But it's not fair!!" (Insert whiny high-pitched voice and stamping feet.)



Michael Neibel said...

Obama really doesn't want the poor to be wealthier, he wants the wealthy to be poorer. That way everyone will finally be equal. That's egalitarianism and that's an ideology. Obama is an idealogue.

John said...

I have a rather more menacing opinion of this notion that Obama and the Democrats simply have the views that it is “unfair” that the rich have more money, that it is time to make the wealthy poorer, and thus making everyone “equal.” I think there lies a deeper, darker purpose for Obama and the Dems.

Obama, and most of the Democrats in power now (including Pelosi and Reid), are the types of individuals who lust for political power, and that is their fundamental driving force - and they mean to do anything necessary to obtain it.

Obama and the Dems are not simpletons, nor are they children, who innocently want “fairness” and “equal-ness” for all. These folks are mega political power lusting fanatics, and their every ideals and actions are deliberate, destructive, and dangerous towards that end.

It is no mistake that Obama keeps on pursuing his “ideals” and statist agenda, while at the same time, he is well aware that such actions have and will continue to slow down our economy, make recovery impossible, diminish our freedoms and rights, and eventually destroy capitalism here in the U.S. Remember, Statists are the last to sacrifice themselves for their collective ideals.

Obama and the Dems know very clearly that if they can destroy wealth, cripple production and the economy, and force the majority of people and businesses to be dependent on the government in some manner, then they can more easily pursue and expand their political power and control, and maintain it – hopefully indefinitely, in their view. Deliberately creating economic chaos is one of many tools used to obtain power.

Fueling economic chaos, while destroying capitalism and the “rich,” are only the means to their one true fundamental desire: unrestricted political power. Our country’s Founding Fathers knew this well. Wake up America.