Friday, October 2, 2009

Which end of the Leash?

When Gen sent me notification of her op-ed in the Orange County Register, the first thing I saw was the title "Which end of the leash do we prefer?" Thinking that she was referring to whether, in our relations with other people, it was better to be the master or the dog, my response was "Neither." But it turns out she was thinking of something a little different. Here's her concluding paragraphs (though for the full effect, you should read the entire piece.)

Which End of the Leash do We Prefer?

---Gen LaGreca, OC Register, 10/2/09

Throughout history people have had their human potential choked off by a leash that autocratic rulers placed around their necks. The first country to set the individual free and to put the government on a leash was America.

President Barack Obama has begun his stated task of "fundamentally changing America." He promotes policies that are supposed to give us security from life's risks through government help and handouts. But these policies require an ever-increasing loss of our autonomy.

At the dawn of our country, Benjamin Franklin observed that anyone who would give up liberty to gain security will deserve neither and lose both. Will we heed our wise founder's warning and live up to our human potential? Or will we watch America reverse its historic achievement and descend into despotism by putting us, the people, at the wrong end of the leash?

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