Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hide the Decline

If you haven't heard about Climategate, you aren't paying attention. But then, if you thought the "science is settled" and that there is a "consensus" agreement on anthropogenic global warming, you haven't been paying attention either. If you get you information from Wikipedia, I can understand why you might not be aware of scientific work that challenges the conventional "wisdom." The recent bruha over the science only confirms the importance of keeping science separate from politics and political funding--but the "truth about climate change science" is irrelevant in deciding the proper role of government in climate matters.

You can read about how their goose is cooked while I cook a turkey today (for a second Thanksgiving, as there is so much to be thankful for one wasn't enough this year.)

On a more serious note, a lot more work must be done to carefully read through all the emails, making the best effort possible to not take them out of context. Even then, the exposed emails are not the complete record of correspondence. Private emails contain meaningless venting more often than evidence of criminal activity and conspiracy.

That said, the emails I have read are disturbing and the authors have some serious explaining to do. The authors and the recipients are major players in the Global Warming debate and significant contributors to the IPCC: Michael Mann (the "hockey-stick" guy) James Hansen, Gavin Schmidt, Stephen Schneider (of "being honest vs. being effective" fame), Ben Santer, Tom Wigley. Some of their view point can be read on RealClimate. (Do check the links to these scientists, as some are quire amusing.)

Climategate: The Fix is In Robert Tracinski , RealClearPolitics

Real Climate Spin Marlo Lewis,

Climate Science and Candor WSJ (unedited emails)

Three Things You Absolutely Must Know About Climategate Iain Murray,

And to understand the video clip below, read Mike's Nature Trick Watts Up with That?, and then enjoy:

On a more serious note, here's a Who's Who in Climategate and a few of their quotes:


garret seinen said...

Beth, thought I'd share a good one with you - Mann made global warming. (stolen, not original work)
I wonder, will the youtube thing finally do them in? It is a fantastic and an entertaining way to carry some meaning.
I think we need to stay very focused on one item, CO2. All the justification for control hinges on CO2 driving global warming. No one has been able to truly establish that there is a link and the fraudsters efforts are going up in smoke. It is now time to remind the politicians to unwind what they have done.
Cheers, gs

HaynesBE said...

Not just CO2, but the positive feed-backs which supposedly are triggered by CO2.

Carbon dioxide has risen, and my understanding of the science is that through analysis of isotopes, it is possible to demonstrate that this rise is indeed caused by the burning of fossil fuels. However, the simple rise of this trace greenhouse gas would not be a problem without positive feed backs increasing atmospheric water vapor content. It is this claim of a "climate sensitivity" to CO2 that drives their fears of catastrophic warming. The work of Lindzen and others which challenges the existence, the intensity and even the direction of these feedbacks should cause scientists to question the alarmist scenarios. The fact that they are not, is evidence that too many people have too much invested in catastrophe to maintain an objective perspective on this subject.

As I have argued before, just the fact that all of the alarmists call for more statism as the solution to the "global warming problem" and that NONE argue for increased freedom, wealth and prosperity should make their motives suspect.

We can always hope that the recently leaked emails will draw attention to this fact, but many powerful special interests are heavily vested in the catastrophic scenarios so it still may not be enough.

Regardless of whether our climate is warming up or cooling down, wealth is not the problem. Wealth is the solution.

garret seinen said...

Beth, what I find so discouraging is the lack of understanding in the general population. I've been subscribed to a publication called Access to Energy, by Petr Beckmann for probably 25 years and the fraud was stated there at that time. I don't know if you have a long history with TIA, but when Peter Schwartz was still writing it PB was on the editorial board and I'm sure personally acquainted with AR. He made the point at that time, moving a thousand miles north or a thousand feet up will give you one degree drop in temperature.
Animals follow the environment where they can be successful and man modifies his environment to suit his conditions - parkas up north, bikinis in the south. Actual temperature is only a problem for the ignorant or the unprepared. More than anything else, we are seeing the fruit from the green tree of ignorance.
Now I'm going to contradict you - Objectivism is the solution, wealth is the result. ;-)
BTW, I posted a reply on my AR essay site and, if you have the time, a look and a response. thanks, gs

HaynesBE said...

Can you resend the link to your post. i know I found it through Doug's site, but now I can't relocate it.

garret seinen said...

It's here,
and I would like to talk about a couple of your books, Noblest Triumph and Mystery of Capital.
thanks, gs