Tuesday, February 16, 2010

50% tax on Savings

Are you aware that there is a "tax" on all of your savings?

The value of the dollars you saved in 1985 are now worth half of what they were worth back then--meaning, when adjusted for purchasing power parity, today's dollar will only buy half of what you could buy with a dollar 25 years ago.

This "hidden tax" is embezzlement by the US Government in collusion with the Federal Reserve Board. By creating money out of thin air, the money supply of fiat paper dollars has been steadily increasing, eroding the value of each individual dollar. This degree of erosion could not occur on a gold standard. Conversely, it has always occurred with irredeemable fiat money.

(The hyperinflations of the assignat of the French Revolution, and the pre-WWII German mark are only two famous examples of this phenomenon--of which there are many more.)

Just thought you ought to know.

Key dates:
Federal Reserve System went into effect 1913
Gold Standard officially abandoned 1971.

Chart from Economic Bulletin of AIER Feb. 2010

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Unknown said...

This is why I've started buying precious metals.