Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Lots of good blogs to read these days. The Rational Capitalist has one on the moral and logical contradictions of socialism and the welfare state: An Injustice of Injustice: Bossnapping vs. Capitalist Logic

So just what is"bossnapping"?
"Bossnapping” has become a popular technique in French labour disputes. Striking workers take their bosses hostage until they agree to demands

In regards to protesters and vigilante who are attacking businessmen, in particular bankers, he has this to say:

But, the expropriation of wealth is not the object of protest - it is the particular recipient of the loot that is being protested. Rather than fighting for the principle of individual rights or the trader principle, which would entail opposing government welfare both to businessmen and to the poor, these militants only attack the businessmen.

Capitalism simply requires the respect of all individual rights. I continue to be astounded by my well-meaning, hard-working friends who advocate the expropriation of honestly obtained wealth--for whatever reason--and who view themselves as fair and compassionate.

Coercion is neither fair nor compassionate--and neither are those who advocate it's use.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping this post was about a new trend where bosses were encouraged to take naps...

The French really are cheese-eating surrender monkeys sometimes, aren't they?

- cfc

Burgess Laughlin said...

Begging, robbery, rape, kidnapping, and murder can occur in any society -- ancient Greece, the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, Germany in the 1930s, and Western culture today.

What is more significant historically and in terms of assessing a culture as a whole is: What is the response to these acts?

Shunned (in the case of gratuitous begging)? Punished (in the case of crimes of aggression)? Tolerated? Or even rewarded?

The very fact that these kidnappings -- like acts of piracy near Somalia -- keep happening is even more disturbing than the individual actions themselves.