Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wealth Day --an Earth Day Alternative

Good reads for Earth Day:

The Earth is Mankind's Gardenby Nicolas Provenso

Alternative Fuel Folly by Kimberly A. Strassel

The Anti-Industrial Coup by Robert Tracinski

James Hansen’s Former NASA Supervisor Declares Himself a Skeptic
by Anthony Watt

On Climate and Health, Beware of Easy Formulas by Michael Barone

As Keith Lockitch points out:

Regardless of one’s views on global warming--and there is ample scientific evidence to reject the claim that manmade carbon emissions are causing catastrophe--the fact is that kneecapping the fossil fuel industry while diverting tax dollars into expensive, impractical forms of energy will not be an economic boon, but an economic disaster.We in developed countries take industrial-scale energy for granted and often fail to appreciate its crucial value to our lives--including its indispensable role in enabling us to deal with drought, storms, temperature extremes, and other climate challenges we are told to fear by global-warming alarmists. If we want to restore economic growth and reduce our vulnerability to the elements, what we need is not “green energy” forced upon us by government coercion but real energy delivered on a free market.

Wayne Dunn sums it up nicely:
Clearly, a viable, cleaner form of energy...will not be created by some snarling rock-hurler, nor some land-confiscating government official, nor some loafer who nests with squirrels. A material value isn't going to spring from those who tell us to renounce material things. Innovations stem from capitalists pursuing self-interest, not naturalists preaching self-sacrifice.

Wealth is not the problem. Wealth is the solution.


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