Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Why my in-laws chose to get married on Tax Day I will never understand---although it's nice having a positive to balance out the negatives of today. I'm filing my return electronically and hoping that Gov. Schwarzenegger can find enough money to send me my refund.

Off to a Tea Party in front of the San Jose IRS building so no time today for an essay. I must admit I am feeling a bit odd about protesting. I don't think it's enough just to go wave a sign (mine will say "Liberty--the only stimulus we need")--but for the first time in my life, I think waving the sign is important too. I have done much more than stomp my feet and complain so it's far more than a simply having Tea Tantrum.

Here's some good reading for you to enjoy while I am off putting my body where my mind has been, so to speak.

Taxpayers Get Really Tea-ed Off Investor's Business Daily Editorial

Tax Day becomes Protest Day Glenn H Reynolds WSJ

Tax Injustice Day: Altruism vs. Americanism
by Ed Locke

Tax Cuts and the "Trickle Down" Economics Straw Man
by Thomas Sowell

Taxes and Prosperity Lost
by Walter Williams

A Wage Earner Against the Estate Tax
by George Reisman

Politicians Love the Tax Code We Hate by Steven Malanga

And for your viewing pleasure:

(HT Carpe Diem for several of these links.)

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