Friday, August 28, 2009

Articles on Health Care "Reform"

There are a series of good articles on health care posted at Capitalsim Magazine.

Here are several by economist Thomas Sowell:

Obama Cronies vs. American Citizens: Whose Medical Decisions: Part I

Obamacare's Phony Arguments: Whose Medical Decisions? Part II

Obama's "Bait and Switch": Whose Medial Decisions?: Part III

The Obama Vision:" Whose Medical Decisions?: Part IV

John Lewis demonstrates why health insurance and medical care have become so expensive by relating the process through describing what would happen if we made auto insurance a right.

Suppose Car Insurance Was Considered to be a "Right"

And finally, posted on the von Mises Institute website, Dr Maria Martins explains why medical care and health insurance can NOT be a right.

"Involuntary Medical Servitude"

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