Saturday, January 16, 2010

Healthcare Posts Recap

Just in case you want to write your Representative or Senator regarding healthcare reform, here is a collection of posts with relevant information.

Do American's pay more for their healthcare?
--Price control limits dollar amounts but increases costs in terms of waiting times, lost productivity, pain and suffering.

The Adverse Incentives of Health Care Spending
--The bulk of healthcare costs are due to personal behavior choices. Controlling health care costs requires controlling behavior and life styles.

Actually, Mr. President--our health care is too cheap!!
--How third-party payment increases costs

Health Care Disaster, Let us Count the Ways
---A list of the coercive mechanisms employed under the current healthcare reform bills: taxes, bureaucracies, mandates, and wealth distributions.

Public Option and Individual Mandate BOTH Destroy Real Choice
--Many who understand the destructiveness of a Public Option, fail to see that mandating health insurance will lead to the same result.

Medical Services Received: The Uninsured in U.S. = Canadian Universal Coverage
--The uninsured in the US receive more healthcare than Canadians in some key preventive health areas.

Lasik: A Model for Health Reform
--An 8 minute video clip addressing how costs and quality improve in a free market, even in health care.

Mammograms: The Road to Rationing?
--The recent controversy over recommendations for breast cancer screening is just the tip of the ice berg if we increase government control over our healthcare. This post gives a detailed analysis of the research on mammograms, compares the various recommendations, and highlights the dangers of letting the government set the standards.

The Legal Plunder of Healthcare
--A political cartoon and a quote from Frederic Bastiat on the problem of legal plunder (government redistribution of wealth.)

Reducing Costs (of medical care) through Freedom
--Video clip and a brief summary of a speech by Dr. Jane Orient.

HR 3962: Expanding Immoral Medicine
--An exceprt and link to an article by
Dr. Lee Hieb. on the immorality of government-controlled healthcare.

5 votes further away from freedom
--On the passing of HR 3962.

A Letter to My Representative about HealthCare Reform
--Exposing how politicians misuse the vocabulary of a free markets to hide the coercive actions by the state.

Pay the price, or pay the consequence
--Excerpts and links to a series of articles on health care costs by economist Thomas sowell.

Healthcare Morality and Practicality
--When moral principles are breached, when individual rights are violated, the results will not and cannot be practical.

Whole Foods Healthcare--Choice without Force
--Video clip on the whole Foods health plan---a free market alternative to Obamacare which lowers costs and increases satisfaction through patient choice and responsibility.

Statism: The Essence of Government-Run Health Care Reform
--Government-run health care or health insurance or mandates ALL are forms of statism.

Robert Reich on Health care Reform: No Additional Comments Needed

The Moral Case for Private Medical Care
--Speech by Dr. John Lewis

Nationalized Medicine: A War of All Against All
--There is no right to the life, liberty or property of another human being. any attempt by government to provide health care or assure access necessarily involves the violation of those individual rights--a path which pits one man against another.

de Tocqueville decribes Obamacare
--200 years ago, de Tocqueville warned about the dangers of an incremental loss of liberty

You Can't Change Reality by Mandate
--Costs don't change just because the government restricts payment or implements price controls. Just as private property is the remedy for the Tragedy of the Commons, so personal responsibility operating within a free market is the remedy for run-away health care costs.

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