Friday, April 2, 2010

Doctor's Advice: Obama Supporters Should Go Elsewhere

A Florida physician is recommending to patients who support ObamaCare to seek their medical care elsewhere. This is wise advice.

The new law places a physician in the impossible position of serving two masters: the best interest of his individual patients and what politicians have decreed to be the interest of "society."

Supporters of ObamaCare have promoted laws which deprive physicians (and all providers of medical goods and services) of the ability to employ their medical expertise, conscience and independent judgement in the best interest of their individual patients. Instead, advice and treatment must be tailored to serve government regulations and the goals of politicians. Time must be wasted learning, following and proving compliance with the mandates of government bureaucrats.

I do not think enough people understand the destructiveness to human relations of socialism in general and of socialized medicine in particular. It is individual rights which are the source of compassion, benevolence, mutual respect and cooperation---and the policies of statism which are grounded on coercion, and lead to class warfare, envy, distrust and resentment.

Coercion is not compassionate. You can not protect the rights of one by denying the rights of another.

You cannot expect your physician to advice and act in your best interest when the state criminalizes and punishes that behavior.

This is the message that needs to be understood--and which is reflected by the doctor's advice above.

Update: No surprise. This doctor is being called to task for "discriminating" against people who support the destruction of freedom in medical care.

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