Thursday, April 8, 2010

Updating Received Wisdom

In a delightful rewriting of an old proverb, Ron Pisaturo points out the truth of its obverse:

Update to an old Proverb: Obama supporters Take Heed

Rob a man who fishes, and you feed yourself for a day. Trade with a man who fishes, and you have a potential source of food—and so many other things that this free, thinking man might create—for a lifetime.

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This is also another way of stating Say's Law of Markets: production must precede consumption and is what opens up the demand for products.

As we approach April 15th, ponder the fact that to tax one man to give to another is to use the coercive mechanism of government to rob Peter and pay Paul. Voting on this theft gives the illusion of a civil process--but a majority can have no greater right to a man's honestly earned wealth than can one acting on his own.

This explains the immorality of such taxation.

Ron's new proverb explains its impracticality.

The immoral and the impractical always go hand in hand.


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