Friday, April 23, 2010

"Wealth is not the Problem" Round Up

Check them out!

Trying to Recapture that Old Earth Day Magic Stephen Hayward, The American
"For the last 15 years, Earth Day has been the occasion for me to play the contrarian through the annual publication of the Index of Leading Environmental Indicators, which offered official government data documenting the substantial improvement in environmental conditions in the United States."

Consume More this Day Kenneth Green, The American
"The sooner people grow wealthy, the sooner the environment will benefit. Now, get shopping!"

Earth Day, 7 New Rules to Live By John Tierney, NYT
3. “Let them eat organic” is not a global option.
4. Frankenfood, like Frankenstein, is fiction.
5. “Green” energy hasn’t done much for greenery — or anything else

The Rich get richer, the Poor get richer, the New York times gets outraged. Don Watkins, Voices of Reason
Profit is a benevolent force that creates a harmony of interests among all producers, rich or poor–and any attempt to reduce industry profits can accomplish only one thing: to reduce the poor’s access to capital and prevent microloan companies from reaping the rewards they’ve earned."

A Reality check on the Neo-Mathusian world. Indur Goklany @ The Master Resource
"[I]nstead of becoming scarcer, resources (such as metals and food) actually have become more affordable, and the hunger and famine that had been foretold went AWOL"

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