Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dr. Reece does the math on repeal

On his blog, Medinnovation, Dr. Richard Reece asks:

How many Americans would be effected if repeal were to actually occur? Democrats speaking against repeal insisted that the health reform law was now already helping “millions” of people. Repealing it, therefore, would be inhumane.

How many millions? What percent of the U.S. population?

Here's the spoiler:

12.4 million Americans (4.0% of the total population) will benefit from the law starting in 2011 and would suffer from repeal.

These are big numbers, but not as big as the 308.7 million Americans that the health reform law would effect. These include all of us who would pay for the individual mandate, those of us who would be compelled to switch from their present plans to plans authorized by government, and those among us who would pay $500 billion in higher taxes and health care premiums required to meet the law’s provisions.

Read the whole article for the details.

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