Thursday, January 13, 2011

The True Wealth of our Nation

It's citizens.

Dr. Jane Orient writes on the on the recent tragedy in Arizona:

Aside from the names of the fallen, the names that should be remembered are those of the citizens who acted as Americans should, to protect and help themselves and their neighbors in the event of danger. Roger Salzgeber and 74-year-old retired Army National Guard Colonel Bill Badger, who was slightly injured, tackled the shooter. Joe Zamudio helped pin him to the ground. [Zamudio told MSNBC that he sprinted from a store toward the scene when he heard the shots. He has a concealed carry permit, and had his hand on his pistol, prepared to down the shooter if necessary. He said he was very glad that it proved to be unnecessary.] A 61-year old woman, Patricia Maisch, grabbed the magazine the shooter had dropped while trying to reload, and then knelt on his ankles. Daniel Hernandez, Jr., rushed to the side of his new boss, Congresswoman Giffords, applying pressure to her wound, and keeping her from choking on her own blood. Let us commend and thank all of them, and resolve to act as they did if we are ever in such a situation.

Reminiscent of the heroes of Flight 93.

Thank you Roger Salzgeber, Joe Zamudio, Patricia Maisch, Daniel Hernandez --and any other unnamed heroes of the day.

Read the rest of Dr. Orient's commentary here.


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Anonymous said...

Nice. It makes a possitve difference when we choose to focuse on the right aspect of the event and at the same time keep in mind the big picture