Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr

This man is one of my heroes.
A freedom fighter.
An avid supporter of equality before the law.
It is right and just that America has a day to celebrate this man's life, his efforts and successes in extending the American ideal of individual rights to all Americans.

All men are created equal in their inalienable rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Martin Luther King, Jr helped turn that dream into a reality.

I hope you will take time to remember and honor this man and the courage he had to stand up for freedom and truth.

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Mike said...

he was alright. he held mixed premises

HaynesBE said...

So did Thomas Jefferson.
As Tom Bowden made the case so well in his book the Enemies of Christopher Columbus, we must judge individuals on how they stood out from the men of their time--not on how they reflect the general assumptions of their culture.
On that account, I think MLK deserves a place of honor.

mike said...

King deserves a place of honour - no doubt about it - but I do think the point about "mixed premises" is valuable in judging the continuing import of King's ethics and actions today.

The passion he manifests in that speech is just as bright and clear as the discipline he held himself to in delivering it. Brilliant man.

HaynesBE said...

Thanks Mike. I agree.