Monday, February 1, 2010

Patient Power--The Real Key to Healthcare Reform

I just found a great website for information on health care, health insurance, health insurance reform and free market solutions: Patient Power. I am embarrassed it took me so long to check this site out.

For a plethora of links embedded in an informative, solution-oriented summary of the essential issues which constitute healthcare reform, read "Real Reform: Free Markets".

This site includes many informative articles and video clips along with sidebar links to further information and other helpful websites.

The massive overhaul of healthcare known as ObamaCare may no longer be an immediate threat, but that is not going to stop politicians from continued efforts to increase government control of medical care.

Now is the time to combat one by one the errors, misconceptions and outright falsehoods which are being used to justify government-based solutions, as well as to start offering positive alternative reforms.

Using letters from my members of Congress, this is exactly what I plan to do--posting my efforts on this blog.

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