Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Senate Resolution on EPA Finding CO2 a Danger

Today I came across a website, Freedom Action, that makes it very easy to send a message to your national Congressmen on the matter of EPA regulatory control over energy production and use in the USA. Ever since the disastrous Supreme Court decision Massachusetts v. EPA requiring the EPA to to issue emission standards for motor vehicles and recognizing its authority to regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, the EPA has been gearing up to impose regulations on CO2 emissions. These efforts are accelerating now that cap-and-trade legislation is faltering.

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R, AK) has introduced the following resolution disapproving of the EPA endangerment finding:

S.J.Res.26 - A joint resolution disapproving a rule submitted by the Environmental Protection Agency relating to the endangerment finding and the cause or contribute findings for greenhouse gases under section 202(a) of the Clean Air Act.

You can fill out the form using their boilerplate statements, or you can compose your own statements. After entering your name and address, your letter will be automatically sent to your Representative and your two Senators.

Although the resolution appears to merely register "disapproval" (bark without a bite) --registering disagreement is a first step. Here's my letter. Feel free to use whatever parts of it you like.

I am writing in strong support of Senator Murkowski's Resolution of Disapproval to stop the EPA from using the Clean Air Act to ration energy.

The EPA's attempt at regulatory control of the economy is not only based on flawed science, but it is a clear example of exercising arbitrary political power in violation of the rule of law.

Recent events make it clear that the science on climate change is NOT settled. Limits on energy production will unnecessarily hobble our struggling economy.

I urge you to vote Yes on the Disapproval Resolution to stop EPA from issuing climate regulations to control our economy, violate our property rights, raise energy prices, and perhaps most importantly, undermine the moral foundation of this country: liberty and the protection of individual rights.


Sandi Trixx said...

Thanks for your efforts Beth!

Beth said...

Thank you for the encouragement. I have decided its time to pester those "representatives" of mine a lot more! Doesn't take that much extra time to email them a copy of my blog posts. And since California politicians keep trying to outpace the progressive efforts of Washington DC, I think will include them as well'!

Sue said...

I am continuing in my tradition of cutting and pasting your writing and pasting it elsewhere. Done.