Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vote for Change in Healthcare

I have been alerted by Galileo Blogs to, a website hosting a national competition for ideas to change America (for the better one would hope.)

Jared Rhoads of The Lucidicus Project has submitted a recommendation for improving health care access in the United States:

Allow private citizens to associate freely and provide health insurance based on individual preferences and risk factors.

Please read the full statement then submit your vote in support of this idea. The message of free association and the right to privately contract to mutual advantage without government interference is one that needs to be more prominent in the debate over health care policy.

This message is posted in the sidebar: "This idea is currently in 18th Place in Health Care and needs 95 more votes to make it into the final round."

Let's keep this ideas in the running.

And don't forget to read the comment by Raymond Niles which explains why health care is NOT a right.



Galileo Blogs said...

Thanks, Beth. Bring on the votes. Each one counts as part of the fight for freedom in medicine.

Mo said...

lots of people advocating a single payer health care. in the medicare for all thread one guy was suggesting we need to get rid of greed/profit in the medical industry.

Beth said...

I just posted an alert to Jared piece on a discussion thread at Medscape's Physician Connect. I see that the vote count is up to 27. Still need more votes to keep it from being removed.