Friday, February 26, 2010

Some things are better left dead.

"The administration touted the summit as a chance to revive health care reform - which has passed both the House and Senate but not the important conference between the two chambers."

It didn't. So...

"President Obama vowing to pass the overhaul with or without Republicans, signaling his willingness to force the bill through Congress using controversial tactics."--Washington Times

The Senate bill, the House bill and the President's Proposal should all be left dead.
Not just because they are NOT budget neutral, which they aren't.

Not just because the majority of the nation outside of Congress and the White House DO NOT support them, and they don't:

Obama and Democrats' Health Care Plan

Polling Data (posted on Real Clear Politics)

Sample For Against Spread
RCP Average2/2 - 2/23 -- 40.3 51.3Against +11.0
USA Today/Gallup2/23 - 2/23 1009 A 42 49Against +7
Rasmussen Reports2/21 - 2/22 1000 LV 41 56Against +15
POS (R)2/17 - 2/18 900 RV 40 52Against +12
Newsweek2/17 - 2/18 1009 A 40 49Against +9
Pew Research2/3 - 2/9 1383 A 38 50Against +12
ABC News/Wash Post2/4 - 2/8 1004 A 46 49Against +3
Quinnipiac2/2 - 2/8 2617 RV 35 54Against +19

See All Obama and Democrats' Health Care Plan Polling Data

But because all three violate individual rights--which the filibuster is there to protect, and reconciliation will railroad right over--a fact that Democrats understood well when they were in the minority.

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