Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finally, some REALLY good news

There is health value in dark chocolate, says a Baylor University doctor. (HT John Goodman's Health Policy Blog)

Here are a few examples of the benefits:

•At 510 milligrams, dark chocolate contains more flavenols, powerful protective phytonutrients, per 100 grams than apples (110 mg), cherries (96 mg), brewed black tea (65 mg) or red wine (65 mg).

•Cocoa has a higher antioxidant capacity than teas or red wine.

•Population studies suggest that higher flavenoid intake may be associated with improved heart health.

•In people with high blood pressure, dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and LDL (the so-called "bad") cholesterol.

•Also in people with high blood pressure, dark chocolate enhances blood flow, relaxes blood vessels and decreases insulin sensitivity.

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Harold said...

Wish they had linked to some of these studies...