Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It is dangerously close!!

Here's one Whip count:

Adding in Kucinich’s support, and Ann Kirkpatrick’s, to the last whip count puts the number at 193 yes, 205 no, and 208-208 with leaners. That leaves Democrats needing 8 of the final 15 uncommitted votes to come through. The group includes five who voted no last time, and 10 who voted yes. So theoretically, if nobody flips to no, the Democrats have the votes. Here are the final 15:

Lincoln Davis, Jim Matheson, Harry Teague, Travis Childers, John Barrow, Zack Space, Chris Carney, Brad Ellsworth, Jerry Costello, Henry Cuellar, Nick Rahall, Solomon Ortiz, Earl Pomeroy, Bill Foster, Harry Mitchell.

Socialized health care--and there is no question that mandatory insurance with massive subsidies is anything but socialized--is immoral and will be a financial disaster. It has NEVER worked anywhere. It always leads to more and more erosion of liberty.

Email. Call. Fax.

Do what you can!!

Lincoln Davis Phone 202-225-6831 FAX 202-226-5172
Jim Matheson Phone 202-225-3011 FAX 202-225-5638
Harry Teague Phone202-225-2365 FAX 202-225-9599
Travis Childers Phone 202-225-4306 FAX 202-22503549
John Barrow Phone 202-225-2823 FAX 202-225-3377
Zack Space Phone 202-225-6265 FAX 202-225-3394
Chris Carney Phone 202-335-3731 FAX 202-225-9594
Brad Ellsworth Phone 202-225-4636 FAX 202-225-3284
Jerry Costello Phone 202-225-5661 FAX 202-225-0285
Henry Cuellar Phone 202-225-1640 FAX 202-225-1641
Nick Rahall Phone 202-225-3452 FAX 202-225-9061
Solomon Ortiz Phone 202-225-7742 FAX 202-226-1134
Earl Pomeroy Phone 202-225-2611 FAX 202-226-0893
Bill Foster Phone 202-225-2976 FAX 202-225-0697
Harry Mitchell Phone 202-225-2190 FAX 202-225-3263


Lynne said...

Thank you for this resource and reminder. So far - 5/15. The rest of the lines were either busy or had full mailboxes.

Bradley Hennenfent, M.D. said...

Thank you for your work against ObamaCare. We deserve better. We deserve Patient Power health care reform. - Bradley Hennenfent, M.D., physician & economist