Saturday, March 20, 2010

Health Care count - update


Count update from FDL.

From the Washington Post:
For: 183 Against:207 Undecided: 41

With four vacancies, Nancy Pelosi needs to round up 216 votes for a majority. If the remaining Dems voted the same as they did Nov. 7, the vote would be 216-215.

Faxing is much more difficult getting through yesterday and today. Lots of busy signals and failure to pick up.

I will be frequently updating this google doc with the whip count and representatives to target your calls, emails and faxes.

Points to consider making:

For the Stupak block:

The entire bill is anti-life, even if there is a special deal on abortion funding.

For the Undecideds:

Any bill of this magnitude which can only be passed by such a tortured, political process via marginal, if even legitimate tactics, deserves to be rejected on that ground alone.

The passage of this bill will change the vary character of our nation from one of free and independent citizens into dependent, indentured servants of the state.

Other excellent "talking points" put together by Brian Schwartz can be found at Patient Power.

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