Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Using the CBO to Deceive

President Obama and Speaker Pelosi have claimed that the health care control bil just passed will reduce the deficit by more than $100 billion dollars in its first decade, and $1 trillion by the end of its second decade.

The CBO is required to analyze each bill as it is written, which allows them to drop the full context of a bill's costs. The following two links will provide you with information you need to understand why Obama and Pelosi's claims can only be acts of intentional deception.

The Real Arithmetic of Health Care Reform NYT by Former CBO Director Douglas Holz-Eakins

Letter from CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf on the combined effects

of HR 3590 (Senate HC bill just passed) HR 4872 (the "reconcilation" bill) and HR 3961 (Medicare Physicians Payment Reform Act of 2009) March 19, 2010

Also: The Lie of Fiscal Responsibility Reason March 22, 2010


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