Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pelosi asks for your story

Speaker Pelosi has a web page asking for emotional ammunition to help her pass the health care bill:

As Speaker Pelosi works with colleagues in Congress to finish the job of repairing America's broken health care system, opponents of reform are mounting their biggest effort yet to kill reform and preserve the status quo.

Add your voice to the millions calling for reform. Share your own health care story with Speaker Pelosi

Here's what I sent to her:

Tragic "health care stories" are only symptoms of the problem which point out the existence of a disease, not its cause. To properly reform health care, you must first have the correct diagnosis In this case it is costly, restrictive, rights-violating government intervention. The cure is a "governmentectomy" followed by a continuous infusion of free market policies.
Keep your hands off my life and the lives of my patients!!
Dr. Beth Haynes, MD

Send her your "story, will you? She needs a cathartic dose of reality--although she may find it a pill she's unable to swallow.


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