Tuesday, March 30, 2010

National Doctor's Day and the Black Ribbon Project

Today is National Doctor's Day. How ironic.

Update: Even more irony.

The Black Ribbon Project

I am now accepting contributions for a project to distribute black ribbons accompanied by a caduceus pin to symbolize the destruction of health care freedom and the political undermining of the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship.

To kick off this project, the ribbons and pins will be distributed on April 15th at a Tea Party in San Jose, California along with a request for a minimum donation of $1. Each pin will be accompanied with a slip of paper (or business card, depending on funding) explaining the meaning of the symbol. On the back, will be contact information for the following organizations:

Freedom and Individual Rights In Medicine
Americans for Free Choice in Medicine
Patient Power
Lucidicus Project

If you are willing to contribute $50 or more, I will keep track of your contribution and will reimburse you on a proportionate basis for any donations I receive in excess of my costs.

If you just want to purchase a few for your own use, I would appreciate a minimum donation of $1 each to cover my costs. If you want a large number (over 10) it would be helpful to receive the money and order up front. Otherwise, simply send me a check, a self-addressed/stamped envelope and a note telling me how many pins you would like. Email blackribbonproject@gmail.com for specific instructions on receiving a ribbon or for donating to this project.

I realize that if this spreads, I will have no control over what meaning people attribute to it, but I would like to do my best to try and have it associated with one of the following (still working on the final wording):

Version #1
This ribbon is to raise awareness of the recent damage to our health care freedom and to the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship. Physicians will no longer be free to employ their medical knowledge, conscience and independent judgment in the best interests of their individual patients, but must tailor their advice and treatment to serve government regulations and politically determined goals.

Version #2
This ribbon is to raise awareness of the recent damage our government has caused to health care freedom and the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship. Under ObamaCare, physicians will be compelled to base their advice and treatment on politically determined goals, even when in conflict with the best interest of their individual patients.

[Feel free to vote (in the comments) on which version of teh meaning statement you like best.]

Happy National Doctors Day!



Tony Donadio said...

Dr. Haynes,

I prefer Version 1. The term "Obamacare" has become a convenient shorthand for the pernicious law that was just passed, but I think it personalizes the issue too much. The culprits for this are more than just the sitting president.

Beth said...

Thanks for commenting. I think you make a good point.I may change it to "under the new law" or something similar.
Thanks again.