Friday, March 19, 2010

Today's Health Care Reform Fax to Congressmen

Today I am at it again---this time I will fax a letter from my husband. Faxes work better for me because so many Congressmen do not accept emails from outside their districts. I can understand that they are most interested in hearing for the people who vote them in and out of office---but on any issue that effects the entire nation, they need to hear form the entire nation.

You have my permission to use this as your own. Just send something!

Thank goodness for auto redial to help me past the busy signals.

For a list of key undecideds and their fax numbers, see this google doc:

March 18, 2010

RE: health care reform

Dear Representative _________,

Our country needs health care reform---but NOT the bills which are currently before Congress.

Any solution to this country’s challenges must be found within realm of individual rights.

Policies or programs which infringe upon our fundamental rights of life, liberty and property are not moral and will not be sustainable.

Both the House and Senate versions of health care reform are built upon major rights violations:

--mandates on individuals and employers to purchase or provide health insurance: a violation of the right to liberty and property

--poorly defined terms and directives which delegate wide scopes of arbitrary power to regulators and agencies: a clear violation of the rule of law.

--taxes and subsidies which turn some citizens into forced laborers for other citizens, a form of involuntary servitude

--a myriad of rules and regulations which interfere with the right of private citizens to contract and trade with each other for goods and services at a mutually agreeable price

--corrupt deals for special interest groups in violation of equality before the law

These bills do not solve the problem health care affordability and will enact programs and policies which will be ruinous to our economy, and more importantly to our most sacred political principle:

Each man has a right to his own life, and only to his own. The sole legitimate purpose of government is to secure to each individual the rights of life, liberty and property, equally before the law.

Vote to reaffirm these truths upon which our country was founded. Vote NO on the current health care bill.


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